Create at Home.

Covid-19 is affecting all of us and is forcing us to stay at home. But we shouldn't let this stop us from creating. #HomeContent

No.1 "Bright Night"

Gravitational pull from the full moon alters a man's vision. 

No.3 "Dead Meat"

Meat kills.

No.5 "Truly Human"

Something artificial as art makes us realize that we are human.

No.7 "Call From an Agent"

Death will make us realize.

No.9 "My Love"

Mission to save humanity must go on.

No.2 "Fiery Drug"

Caffeine is one fiery drug.

No.4 "100% Human"

Would we be humans if we are 100% Human?

No.6 "One Who Lived Here"

Find your root and stick to it until death.

No.8 "Lonely As Well"

We're all lonely.

No.10 "Don't Go"

Enjoy every moment of your life.

No.11 "Daydream at Line 4"

Do we go wherever, but in the same direction?